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Periodic Verification

Eurobil LTD It is enabled via its E.M.L. (Metrologic Laboratory Eurobil) to perform the Periodic Triennial Verification or the verification after repair. This allows the end user and/or user of the measuring instruments to be always in order by rule in the case of checks by the responsible entity.

Calibration Scale

To guarantee our clients a certainty of the weighing, Eurobil LTD and the laboratory Metrological E.M.L. run a periodic check programmed according to customer requirements plan. This allows us to be able to agree scheduled annual interventions, if entered into a contract, without having to request each time the technical intervention.

Service and Maintenance

  • field service with our skilled technicians.
  • Possibility of adapting the old installation and / or equipment to the new standards and new regulations.
  • telephone support and opportunities (for machines that allow it) to remotely support.
  • Ability to program the out regular assistance after-sales period.


A technical support specialist will follow you step by step in the planning and development of your weighing equipment ensuring maximum efficiency, also with after sales advice.


Thanks to highly qualified staff, you will be able to request specific advice for different needs, with our expert you will always find the most congenial and adaptive solution for your business. Some examples of advice:

    to listen to the client's needs and propose the best possible solution in the quality/price ratio.
    opportunity to inspect the installation site to better understand the customer's needs and propose the best solution.
    Once the installation is finished, it is a plant or a single scale, the professionalism of the technical team Eurobil continue to guarantee always the most from your machines .
    Thanks to our software engineers there is the possibility to design software according to specific customer requirements.