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Eurobil was founded in 1992, but the young age of the company should not be confused with the over ten years experience in the field of weighing by the owners and workers.

The founders Roberto Balzi and Carlo Gaion know each other from the seventies, as well as a good part of the staff currently working in Eurobil, all is begun when they started to work together in Santo Stefano Bilance, a company founded by Rolando Balzi, (Roberto's Father), he started to concern in construction of small precision scales around the 40s, in a small workshop, within a courtyard in the village of Santo Stefano where he lived.

Professional growth and experience that permeate Eurobil, are practical, obtained in the field over the years, following in the footsteps and teachings of the father or older workers, dealing in person at a young age of the production systems weighing, with genius, wrenches, screwdrivers and weights of all kinds.

The experience gained during these years, has pushed Roberto and Carlo to found Eurobil, a new specialized companies, which could proposing to the public a wide range of weighing related products and services, in order to meet all the needs of the market and special customer requirements.

Eurobil has specialized in the production and distribution of platforms with load cells, offers highly qualified industrial products and CE approved, platforms of all sizes and capacity, precision and counting scales, dynamometer hooks, labeling, weighing viewers, weight repeaters, commercial counter scales, laboratory scales, a wide range of products and accessories, from single scale to the custom system designed and tailored, from single cell platform at the weighbridge.

Following a constant and continuous research, development and design, Eurobil occupied in theese years market areas with high level of technological need, consolidating the image at the forefront brand.